Alabama Shakes at Mud Island Amphitheater

Alabama Shakes Tickets

Mud Island Amphitheater | Memphis, Tennessee

The incredible and the electrifying blues sensation – Alabama Shakes are coming to rock the house down at Mud Island Amphitheater on Friday 15th July 2016! Alabama Shakes have had an incredible time since the release of their latest album 'Sound and Color' and this summer is shaping up to look even better! Alabama Shakes are one of the few current bands to give the best live performances and are definitely one not to be missed – tickets are on sale now!

"It has been a great year so far. Besides the Grammys, I also got to perform at the White House for a tribute to Ray Charles. Dancing with the president was a pretty big highlight, he has some moves."Alabama Shakes at Mud Island Amphitheater

"You watch film of legends such as Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, etc, and you wonder what it was like to see them live. Well, seeing Brittany Howard brings such wonders to life. She is mesmerizing to watch, effortlessly moving from soul-stirring wails to soft bird-like notes as easily as it is for the rest of to breathe. And then she can shred a guitar now and then as well. I feel she's only going to get better."

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