Widespread Panic at Mud Island Amphitheater

Widespread Panic Tickets

Mud Island Amphitheater | Memphis, Tennessee

Widespread Panic comes to Mud Island Amphitheater on Saturday 18th June 2016

When you want it live, loud, and jammin', only one name comes to mind — WIDESPREAD PANIC. True to their name, they elicit a state of frenzy from fans who would not want to miss their show for the world! Their extended jam sessions and luscious guitar licks may seem to go on forever, but fans love every minute of it and stick it out from the the first note to the last. Don't miss out on this chance of a lifetime. Get your tickets now!Widespread Panic at Mud Island Amphitheater

Widespread Panic belongs to the so-called elite circle of American jam bands. Their live performances always get the thumbs-up and multiple stars from music critics. Their loyal concert following has put them on the record for most number of sold-out performances at different venues around the country in 2013. Widespread Panic is indeed a formidable act with a growing following and an influential streak in the genre of Southern rock, Blues rock, jazz fusion, jam rock, and neo-psychedelia.

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